Many of the life-size sculptures in A Story Place have been cast in bronze.  Here, my Girl reading to the forest animals in A Story Place, is in bronze on a bronze stump, 45" tall.


All my bronzes are created by first doing a 3-D digital scan of my ceramic originals. Then comes 3-D printing in lost wax to create mold-work.  This alllows me to alter the size of a piece. Next my bronzes are foundry-cast with hard sand-etched book-work.  I use chemical patina colors and finish with a hard wax overcoat.

Pig won the 2018 Olympia Plinth contest and--in bronze-- is now in front of Olympia's City Hall.  Next year Pig will move to his permanent home at the Olympia Timberline Library.

Bear and Rabbit are now watching over Olympia's waterfront boardwalk. Find the entire ceramic and bronze installations on display  at the Capital Mall in Olympia, WA.

Rabbit and bear are enjoying the view--and popularity--they find, down on Olympia's boardwalk.  They will be here until June, 2020.  Come visit them!

Pig spent all an entire year on Olypia's Boardwalk, and is now in front of Olympia's City Hall, where he will be until June, 2020.  Then, on to a new adventure somewhere in Olympia!

Bear has become very popular--some one left him a flower!  Everyone rubs his nose--it's quite shiny!

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A life-size ceramic and bronze  installation where thirty animals and insects listen to a child read a story.   

A delight for adults and children as a public art exhibit.